All the young Tweeps: Perez twitter demographics

Turns out the people following Perez Hilton’s Twitter musings are significantly younger than readers of his blog.

Nearly 21% of Perez’s Twitter followers are under 18, while just 9.6% of readers are younger than 18.

Is this because abbreviated teen literacy makes 140 characters a sweet spot for content? Or because school-confined teenagers rely on cellphone access to Twitter to get news fixes that they can’t otherwise easily access, via laptops and desktops, during the school day?

These results are taken from a survey Perez did of his Twitter readers last month using the standard Blog Reader Project survey compared against his survey of readers last fall.

I’m pretty sure this is the first head-to-head comparison of the demographics of a blog versus its parallel Twitter audience. (For context, other recent studies have shown that women are less likely to be followed on twitter AND that young folks are under-represented among tweeters.

Some other differences between Perez’s Twitter followers and the readers of his blog:

a) There are fewer Democrats among Perez’s twitter fans (55%) versus readers of (62%.) And nearly twice as many twitter libertarians. (What do you make of THAT one?)

b) Perez’s Twitter readers are also more likely to attend church versus readers of his blog (43% versus 37%.)

c) And while readers of are overwhelmingly female (88%), Perez’s twitter readership is even MORE overwhelmingly female (92%.)

d) Finally, it also turns out that Perez’s Twitter followers are significantly more likely to leave comments on blogs than are his blog readers. (54% versus 31%.)

You can see the specific data comparisons here.

And here are more details from the audience demo and here’s the Perez Twitter survey result.

If other folks with dual blog authors with parallel Twitter identities want to try this comparison, give us a shout. We’d love to see how these results compare.

Update: Hey followers leaving comments here, please tell us how old you are!

66 Responses to “All the young Tweeps: Perez twitter demographics”

  1. KDMASK Says:

    I’m a LIBERTARIAN! ;) I read blog AND Tweet… I really thought more older folk twittered than youngin’s…guess I was wrong!

  2. lily Says:

    i didn’t understand some of this, but i am a young follower of perez hilton!

  3. katiatron Says:

    theres 3 minutes of my life ill never get back

  4. The Thinker Says:

    The bottom line is, women both young and old like to be kept abreast of today’s gossip. Perez does that! Do that ‘ish Perez…I need my daily dose.

  5. abilena Says:

    hi umm i dont relly understand this but im a young follower thats a female & perez u r ya:)

  6. Ana Perez Says:

    Sorry. I didn’t bother reading all of it..only like the first 4 paragraphs. So I don’t really get it. But idk I’ll admit I guess, I’m 14. And following PerezHilton on twitter but yeah. I really don’t know what this is all about, nore do I really care. But yeah just thought I drop by proof. (Oh and I am a church goer,well not as usual as I did the past month now) but yeah. Ok lol byee. @JoBroSelenaDemi

  7. ajdury Says:

    40 y.o. married hetero female and follow him on blog AND twitter.

  8. Gidelette_09 Says:

    I’m 25 an Luuuuuuuv my daily dose of Perez, he’s like my own personal brand of HEROIN!

  9. lauraa Says:

    im a perez blog and twitter addict! im sixteen and love him!

  10. Kara Says:

    33 year old female, and follow both on a regular basis!!!

  11. eighfifteen Says:

    I’m a 23 year old Canadian

  12. cecil b. Says:

    I’m 28 and great!

  13. Koolpersonrockz Says:

    Im 18 yrs old and im a Perez follower on Twiiter & on his blog. I just NEED to be entertained by his news of celebs. He makes it soo funny :)

  14. annie Says:

    I am 20 years old going on 21!
    I read his blog and I own a twitter.

  15. toshiajade Says:

    I am 26, a female, Republican, I go to church, and don’t really know why I follow Perez to be honest with you. =)
    I guess its like driving past a car accident, you can’t help but look. Him and I disagree on just about EVERYTHING.

  16. cassie Says:

    20, Female, and democrat!! Follow both his twitter and his blog

  17. Nicole Says:

    Some of you don’t understand this because you are little girls. You’re not old enough to read PerezHilton. I’m 20 and a female. I read his blog and I Tweet.

  18. Blogads Weblog: Perez’s Twitter followers are younger Says:

    [...] the demographics of PerezHilton’s Twitter followers with those of his blog’s readers, we found Perez’s tweeps to be significantly younger than the blog’s readers. Also more [...]

  19. Fairplayyesplz Says:

    Well..29 year woman sweden

  20. Neo Says:

    21. Male. from Spain. I read his blog and I ‘follow’ him on Twitter.

  21. LinziMac Says:

    I am 21 year old female and i find myself checking all the time on Perez’s blog and follow him religiously on twitter. I think teenagers probably prefer the short version of everything so Twitter is their easy way to get the latest gossip without having to read his blog.

  22. Josh Acton Says:

    30 YO, male, gay, Australia

  23. Virgie Says:

    63 year old female

  24. Desybaby Says:

    16 I follow his twitter, he keeps us updated. (:

  25. Meredith Says:

    18, Female, Independent

  26. Brenda Z Says:

    I’m 23 and I follow Perez on both twitter and blog. I think he’s hilarious :P

  27. Caroline Says:

    I’m 26 years old, female, straight, and I read PH’s blogs AND tweets. :)

  28. missemmamm Says:

    I follow both. I’m 26, female, democrat.

  29. Danilowe Says:

    I am a 41 year old female and I “follow” Perez on Twitter. I read his blog on occasion. I think he’s an insightful young man.

  30. karina Says:

    17. female. i follow him on twitter and his blog too. atheist. democrat. straight.

  31. Puggles99 Says:

    60 YO male living in Australia I only follow on Twitter

  32. MrsBHoffman Says:

    I am a 24 year old female, democrat, from kansas. Obsessed with his blog and also follow him on twitter.

  33. emma Says:

    Female 16 follow perezes twitter and read his blog daily

  34. Kim Says:

    25 Female Aussie, read both Twitter and site. Site reader for 6 years!!

  35. Miss Melody Says:

    I am a 23yr old gay female from Australia.

    I realised the phenomenon that is Perez via Twitter, so I guess I read his tweets more than I read his blog. But I do enjoy both.

    I have come to know that Perez isn’t the awful celebrity tyrant that I thought he was before.

    Love him!

  36. Megan Says:

    I’m 20.

  37. trish Says:

    blog reader… not a twitter subscripter, 39 yr female.

  38. SAMERA Says:

    haha this is odd!
    i’m 17 years old.

  39. Brittani Says:

    I loooove perez ohmahgosh. Turning 18 this year, female, and i read his twitter and blog. ^o^

  40. Bethany Says:

    I’m 20, libertarian and rarely leave comments on Perez’s site. Still love him though!

  41. PIGez HIVton Says:

    Mario Lavenderia AKA Perez Hiltonis complete SCUM I have it on prestine sources he molests lil kids.His mother TERESITA LAVENDERIA is a WHORE who did SCAT & BEASTIALITY PORN in CUBA.His lazy father killed himself when he found out Perez is a raging FAGGOT.His mother has ANAL CANCER serves the pissmop PUTA right for shitting her OBESE ass cheeks and shitting Mario out!

  42. Chealsea Love Says:

    I’m 23/F

    I “follow” the old hate-monger as I can’t wait to read he has been murdered or ODed on meth,Crisco N cum!

  43. Jack Says:

    21, male gay, korea

  44. Victoria Says:

    Im a Mexican girl who is about to turn 20 and reads perez blog first and then logs in to twitter :)

  45. shanniebannanie Says:

    I love perez! I’m 23 a female and I follow his loveliness on twitter and his website!

  46. ErinB Says:

    I am 35 years old, and I only just started to follow Perez, but I find him to be highly entertaining, and despite the minority I seem to be in, I will definately continue to follow. I am hetero-female married with teen daughters, (but don’t hold that against me

  47. BigBadWayne Says:

    I’m 50!!! I look young though, HA!

  48. Pewee Says:

    I’m 26, male and in London. I don’t read his blog or follow him on twitter.

    I’m mainly interested in online behaviour and it’s marketing potential so that was why I found the blog post quite interesting.

  49. Mrs Games Says:

    I am a stay at home mom and I am 30!

  50. Lindsay Says:

    I am 22…and I am a Democrat….And I am FOR GAY MARRIAGE and the rights that go along with being married to another individual !!!

  51. DebbieBorba Says:

    24 years young

  52. Takeatoke Says:

    I’m 18 and I follow his twitted and his blog. Btw follow me on twitted

  53. Takeatoke Says:

    I’m 18 and I follow his twitted and his blog. Btw follow me on twitted

  54. Kellyapottebaum Says:

    I’m 26. Female. I love the tweets posted by Perez. I’ve just never really checked out his website… Sorry.

  55. Zoee Says:

    i do both im fourteen

  56. denise Says:

    20 female from Singapore!

  57. Meaghan Says:

    I’m 21 years old and I read Perez’s tweets and website daily. I find the way his presents gossip to be entertaining.

  58. Yana Says:

    i am a 13 y.o. straight girl & check both perez’s tweets and website repeatedly. im addicted to perez. =] most hilarious person evr!!! luv ya!! (ps my parents r democrats but idk wat i am, and thers no point of knowing anyway, bc i cnt vote. oh & i live in the us.) hope tht helps w watevr ur calculating bc im 2 tired 2 waste energy understanding it.

  59. Monica D Says:

    I’m 16, and the reason I don’t read Perez’s blog is because i listen to him on the B96 (96.3) morning show, and that’s enough celeb news for me. But I follow him on twitter cause I think he’s funny and I’m interested in what he has to say just like, in general.

    Also, on a side note, there’s only like three people at my school who have a twitter or even know what it is. High school kids don’t really use it. Mostly just celebs.

  60. Meghan Says:

    23, female, Canada!

  61. ACB Says:

    I’m a 39-year-old female who follows Perez on Twitter AND reads his blog, and I’m happy to say that I was able to understand the article. (Oh, and I’m a Democrat who happily avoids organized religion.)

  62. Lesleigh Says:

    29 year old, non church attending, democrat, straight female who follows on Twitter and his site. Much love Perez! Keep doing what you are doing!
    **Love is a right, not a privilege**

  63. Michael Says:

    (Male, straight, twitter) I’m 41, oh well..

  64. Lisa Ray Says:

    27 y.o. female. I read his blog and read his “twits.” I am not signed up on his site to leave feed back on what he posts and I do not have a twitter account. I like to see what all he has to say along w/all the other celebrities and what they write/talk about on their twitters. (and if twitter is paying attention PLEASE DO NOT make it mandatory for people to have a twitter acct to be able to read other posts/pages. That’s why I like Twitter better than Facebook because you DO NOT have to sign up to see what people are talking about. And if Perez is checking this stuff please don’t go making your site a mandatory set up either. I ‘d be “sick” if you did that. God bless!

  65. lazzlo2 Says:

    I’m 17, female from Latvia.

  66. Azar Says:

    Iam 26 and male I follow perez on twitter and read the blog. I believe it has to do with perez has become more of a house hold name when it comes to gossip as it relates to younger ages. I read and follow because he is on point with his *hit and he has me falling out when he goes off on people.