We’re playing around with badges that bloggers could use to link to their stats pages. Here are some ideas. Any preferences or suggestions?








10 Responses to “Badges?”

  1. B.L. Ochman Says:

    i like # 1 and #5

  2. sd Says:

    Frist choice first

    1 #2
    2 #6
    3 #7

  3. KT Says:

    I like #3 and #4. I think it’s the symmetry of 3 and the colors and design in general, since number 4 makes the bars more clear that they are graphs. I don’t like the funky boxes of the last examples at all.

  4. margalit Says:


  5. Chris Achorn Says:

    I like number 7.

  6. Busy Mom Says:

    They are nice, but, are there any slightly smaller ones in the making?

  7. DavidNYC Says:

    I think #1 is alright.

  8. Justin Says:

    I’m not feeling any of the seven badges. Could we use a Verdana-ish font, and maybe try to make the box more a part of the whole image, instead of just sticking up the image and text and then drawing a line around it?

  9. Katie Says:

    i’m not a big fan. these badges sort of look like high school powerpoint to me. i think we can improve them a lot with using a sharper more professional looking text. what about “blog reader project” written horizontally across the top with a bar graph reaching up from the bottom?

  10. Nick Says:

    I don’t like the font, either. And I think the latter few badges have too much of a clipart look. My new favorite, besides the color scheme, is #3. I like the bars, a la a bar graph, and I like the right justification of the text. But the black and yellow remind Sophie too much of Wake Forest, and now that’s all I think of, so I would suggest a #3 formatting with #1 bars…